Monday, December 20, 2010

The myth of the nagging wife

You hear it all the time the cliché husband who claims that his wife continuously nags him about everything. Men everywhere throughout recent history have been known to complain about their wives incessant nagging. But it’s time that the real truth behind the myth known as the nagging wife is finally exposed. Briefly for pure entertainment value, imagine a world where wives sit around the tube, knocking back a couple of cold ones, while discussing the latest play from the game on football Sunday. Now imagine one of the wives exclaim how her husband is a nagger, and that the only time she gets a break from his nagging is when she gets to kick back with her women buddies watching a Sunday night football game. Now think about it, is it really the wives who do all the nagging or is it the husbands that do most of the nagging?? I am begging every wife in America to question the dynamics of your marriage and the clichés that accompany it! Believe it or not America, but truth be finally told here, and that is, it is the husbands who are the “real naggers” of marriages across our so called modern and equality for all country! And for the wives of this fine nation, the next time your husband claims that you are nagging him again for the millionth time, stop and question the truth behind his claims. The myth of the nagging wife is just that a myth. Now, I’m not a husband basher but I am a realist and it’s about time that husbands everywhere are called out.
As a wife myself, time and time again I here from my married friends that not only are they expected to carry babies for nine months, give birth and be the primary caregivers of these babies for the first year of life and thereafter, but they are nagged at by their husbands to fulfill other so called wifely duties. Now I’m not trying to tell people to give up on marriage, all I’m saying is that men nag too, and they are truly the biggest culprits of nagging out there. Hubby’s nag about the kids, nag about the bills, nag about the wife getting the laundry done, nag about dinner not being ready on the table and then claim that it’s their wives who are nagging. Come on now, let’s get the story straight and disband the “nagging wife” myth people!

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