Monday, December 20, 2010

When is it a good time to bitch?

As a wife I can’t help but think, “When is it a good time to bitch?” and why the double standards? Bitch, bitching, bitch bitching, where did the word bitch originate from and why do we as a society dually define bitch as the act of complaining and that of a female dog? And then there is that classic, time tested double standard that it’s not okay for a woman to bitch, and that if we do we are naggers/bitchers/a bitch. Furthermore, when a man decides to “complain” it’s called just that, a complaint and no one gives it any further thought. So when as a society, did we digress to the point that when a female complains, she is considered a bitch, and that there is never a good time for a woman to bitch?

To America:I am issuing a challenge to all women, girlfriends, wives and the likes, to bitch freely, anytime, anywhere, and let loose! So when is it a good time to bitch; now and forever more, till bitch do us part!.

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